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What We Do

Touwslager Engineering Ltd. provides professional engineering consulting services relating to building sciences. We are involved with a variety of building types and projects, and have significant experience and special expertise in the remediation of wood-framed housing structures.  Some of our services could be likened to that of an architect working on a new construction project. While we do not provide any physical construction services, we help our clients manage certain processes including selecting and retaining contractors.

Touwslager Engineering also has “Accepted Inspection Firm Status” from the Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia (RCABC), which authorizes us to conduct inspections on roofing projects where a third party warranty (RGC Guarantee Certificate) is desired.

Our clients include housing cooperatives, strata corporations, non-profit housing societies, BC Housing, different levels of government, lawyers, universities, and private owners. Many satisfied customers have referred us to others for their building envelope needs. Find out what people are saying about us.

Our Approach

We Care

Our work ethic and genuine concern for the quality of our work have resulted in clientele who are satisfied with our services and who have offered repeat business and referrals. We have gained a strong reputation in the industry for combining the professionalism and quality of a large firm with the personalized approach of a small firm.

We expect that you will find us easy to work with and that our consulting services will have the focus, quality, and organization that you desire. If you are considering our services, we encourage you to contact our other clients to discuss their experiences. We will be happy to provide references with situations similar to your own.

Systems & Procedures

Touwslager Engineering has compiled and documented formalized procedures for all of its building envelope services. Our approach is well organized. This allows us to maintain a consistently high level of service when executing projects. To ensure quality, all of our consulting services are internally reviewed by a professional engineer.  Find out more about our team.


What People Are Saying

"Over the last six years I've worked with over 90 housing co-ops... Touwslager Engineering was, by far, the most diligent, and most responsive..."


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