“At Sunset Point Housing Cooperative, we feel we made an excellent choice in hiring Touwslager Engineering Ltd. to act as consultant and project manager for the recladding of our townhouse complex.   Their role included preparing drawings for tendering, tendering the project, performing field reviews, as well as contract administration.  In all areas, they showed themselves to be experienced and reliable.

Working with Henry Touwslager and staff, we always felt confident that the interests of our housing cooperative were being well looked after.  They were always professional, knowledgeable and approachable.  Henry developed a good rapport with the co-op members, always keeping us well informed through information sessions at meetings, regular bulletins, and emails.

During the restoration process, The Board of Directors often commented how thankful we were to have made the right decision in hiring Touwslager Engineering as the consultant and project manager for our building restoration.”

Gail Duthie
Secretary, Board of Directors
Sunset Point Housing Cooperative


“Henry, your reputation, attention to detail, perfectionism, and professionalism in particular, have given me a trust in the quality of the completed work that far exceeds my expectations.  To trust that the targeted envelope repair was done right and will last, and the peace of mind that gives me, are priceless.”

Celia Q, Vice President
McEwen House


“Henry, we’re so happy that we hired your firm to plan and coordinate our roof work.  You have been professional, smart and easy to work with throughout, and you ensured we had a really good team on track to get the work done properly.   We really appreciate your skills and your staff’s (both in terms of your engineering abilities, and your people skills with your team and our owners).   Thanks!”

Katrina VanBylandt, Strata Council President
Jess Hadley, Past Strata Council President
Hycroft Towers


“I have had the pleasure of working with Touwslager Engineering for approximately 2 years on an extensive exterior building renewal project for a Strata, from the beginning planning stages to the completion. During this time I have found Henry and his staff to be extremely helpful, knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. With their assistance, the project was completed on time and under-budget. Henry is fair but tough with the Contractors, ensuring that the work is done exactly as per the specifications. Field reviews were done frequently and due to the thoroughness of the staff, no details were missed.

Of all of the good things I have to say about Touwslager Engineering, I think the most important thing would be that Henry instilled such a high level of confidence in the Owners and myself during this entire process, that it made a very difficult experience for the Owners much easier for them to deal with. They felt that he had their best interests at heart, and he earned their trust by being so open, respectful, and approachable whenever they had questions.

A project of this magnitude requires a significant investment from the Owners, not just in monetary terms but also in a leap of faith that the work will be done properly, and will be worth all of the cost and disruption at the end of the day. Having Henry to rely on made a world of difference and after 15 months of construction very, very few complaints were received from the Owners. I would not hesitate to recommend Touwslager Engineering for any project, large or small.”

Sharon Moore
Strata Manager
The Wynford Group


“As a Property Manager, I have worked with Henry Touwslager of Touwslager Engineering on a number of building rehabilitation and maintenance projects over the last 15 years.  Mr. Touwslager is well qualified, very reliable, easy to deal with and capable of communicating complex building issues to strata councils and owners in an understandable manner.

Touwslager Engineering is a somewhat smaller firm than other engineering companies, but has the staff and capacity to deal with projects both large and small, and also brings a more personal approach to the projects that they do take on. I recommend Mr. Touwslager very highly to anyone considering a building envelope project.”

Monica Dare
Property Manager
Stratawest Management Ltd.


“I found Henry Touwslager to be knowledgeable, has common sense, follows through, and is prompt to respond to telephone calls and emails.  In addition, we came in under budget on our building envelope rehab project!  He was professional and courteous in dealing with difficult personalities.  It was a pleasure dealing with him and I would not hesitate in recommending him.”

Yvonne Van Vliet
Past Strata Council President
The Stanford


“I have had the pleasure of doing business with Touwslager Engineering Ltd. on several building envelope repair projects operated by non-profit housing societies and housing co-operatives over the past 4 years.

In my experience, their staff are friendly, responsible and passionate about what they do. I particularly appreciate their high level of attention to detail during design, contract administration, and timely responses to open communication. I continually put a remarkable level of trust in Touwslager Engineering and am never disappointed.

As a public servant representing both the public owner and funding provider, their value for service also means a lot to our business.”

Dave G.
Project Manager
BC Housing Management Commission


“We are a housing co-operative. We required a complete replacement of our building envelope, and hired Touwslager Engineering to advise us, assist with planning the repair, and oversee the work to completion.

Henry assisted with every aspect of the replacement of the exterior of the buildings, advising us on the choices of windows, balconies, cladding, etc. When some residents queried the reasons for various additions (such as the humidistats), he provided a detailed explanation for their use.

Henry and his staff attended the site and inspected the work of the contractor. Detailed Site Reports were provided for every site visit. Site Meetings were held every two weeks with the contractor, representatives of the residents, BC Housing as agent for CMHC, and the Project Manager, as agent for the residents. Minutes of these meetings were provided by Henry, and followed up at each subsequent meeting.

Henry and his staff were always professional, polite and helpful. They worked well with the contractor, various sub-contractors, and residents. Altogether, we were very pleased with our choice of Touwslager Engineering to oversee and advise on our building envelope repair, and continue to be impressed by their follow-up maintenance inspections and attention to detail.

We would not hesitate to recommend Touwslager Engineering to anyone requiring building envelope repair.”

Shirley Marcus
Building Envelope Committee
Maple Creek Housing Cooperative


“Mount Seymour Lions Housing Society worked with Touwslager Engineering throughout a three million plus envelope remediation project at our Lions Terrace complex. Henry was personally involved. The bi-weekly meetings were chaired by Henry and very little time was wasted. The many issues that came up were always thoroughly investigated by Henry and his staff and sound recommendations put forth. Budget issues were tightly controlled – all in all, a successful project.”

Dennis Simpson
General Manager
Mount Seymour Lions Housing Society


“I have been dealing with Henry Touwslager and his team for many years, starting in 2003 when our condominium building, Sovereign Manor LMS 1899, was completely re-clad due to moisture problems (originally face seal stucco construction).

Henry and his company played a crucial role in our successful building envelope restoration – from condition survey, tender services, engineering design all the way to construction stage services and administration of this $2,400,000+ project.

I found Touwslager Engineering a highly technically qualified firm, really dedicated and 100% reliable throughout the lengthy and complicated process of complete building envelope remediation.

I would have no hesitation to recommend Touwslager Engineering to anyone in need of building envelope engineering services.”

Dennis Vacha, P.Eng.
Strata Council and Building Envelope Liaison
Sovereign Manor

Head of Engineering / Waterparks and Resorts
Whitewater West Industries Ltd.


“Over the last six years I’ve worked with over 90 housing co-ops that were in need of either partial building renewal or full envelope remediation. Touwslager Engineering was, by far, the most diligent, and most responsive to the clients. I’ve never met an engineering team that came close to the attention to detail that the co-ops found with Touwslager Engineering. Their professionalism is unmatched, and they’d be highest on my contact list for any future project.”

Mandy Yeomans
Leaky Co-op Officer (2006 – 2010) and Project Liaison (2005 & 2010)


“We feel that Griffin’s Walk Housing Co-op was lucky to have Touwslager Engineering as consultant for our building envelope remediation project.  We had a very positive experience dealing with a consultant who took a genuine interest in this project from day one to final completion.

Henry’s experience, professionalism and personality were key to getting things done the right way and in a smooth way. He maintained outstanding communication with us at all times. Henry’s ability to convey his experience and opinions simply and credibly was also a big plus. We also felt that he kept a fair balance between the contractor and us, the housing co-op, as owners.

Throughout a year of design development and two years of construction — which are often very challenging and stressful for the residents — it was valuable to be dealing not just with a consulting engineer but with a very professional, respectful and collaborative team and their support staff.

We would highly recommend Touwslager Engineering not only to other housing co-operatives but to anyone facing building envelope problems.”

Flora Cholac
Building Envelope Project Liaison (January 2009–January 2010)
Griffin’s Walk Housing Co-op

George (Andy) Rose
Building Envelope Committee (November 2006–June 2010)
Griffin’s Walk Housing Co-op


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"Throughout a year of design development and two years of construction... it was valuable to be dealing not just with a consulting engineer but with a very professional, respectful and collaborative team..."


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