Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green

Location Vancouver, B.C.
Owner New Chelsea Society
Project Management BC Housing
Completed 2011
Construction Cost $1.4 million

Project Description

Chelsea Green is a three storey townhouse complex with 29 dwelling units. The non-profit housing society originally requested a full reclad with new roofing. A tender set was prepared but then funding was unavailable and the project was put on hold. The society later obtained partial funding so the tender package was revised to a targeted repair.

We worked with our client to determine which work would be included and which areas would have to be removed. Due to countless roof leaks, the entire roof definitely had to be included. To properly detail the roofs, stucco and vinyl caldding at the roof edge would have to be removed as well. The roof edge was problematic for the owner as it jogs in and out and there were too many short lengths of gutter. A design to create much longer roof edges was included. Many areas had evidence of decay from the Building Envelope Condition Assessment and this cladding, including many window areas, was included. Once the project cost estimate had reached its budget, we stopped removing work areas. The owners were aware that some problematic areas may still exist. Carefully detailed drawings and specifications were prepared and the project went to tender.

Once the project was tendered and work was well under way, the decay was removed. In some cases, decay continued into the floor joists so ceilings had to be removed to make the repairs, and significant interior work was required. Eventually, the decay costs were predicted and accounted for in the budget.  The owners were then informed that their contingency funding would allow some additional work. Touwslager Engineering worked again with the owner and the contractor to add the riskiest remaining areas which included additional areas around window and vents.

The targeted areas now look quite good considering the new stucco had to be installed to match the original texture. Ultimately, a targeted repair will never look as nice as a full reclad but once the retained areas were painted, the match was pretty good. And the owners are happy with the big improvement (including roofs that no longer leak).

Project Services

  • Building Envelope Condition Assessment
  • Design
  • Drawings and Specifications
  • Tendering
  • Field Reviews and Contract Administration
  • Roofing Contractors of British Columbia (RCABC) Warranty Inspection
  • Maintenance Manual and a Capital Cost Reserve Fund Study

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What People Are Saying

"Budget issues were tightly controlled – all in all a successful project."


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