VR588 Condominium Complex

Condominium Complex VR588

Location Vancouver, B.C.
Owner Strata Plan VR588
Completed Various dates from 2001 to 2011
Construction Cost Various project costs up to $300,000

Project Description

VR588 is a strata complex. The dwelling units include wood framed townhouses and a concrete building but the commercial units below the concrete residences are a separate strata. Touwslager Engineering has been a constant in the changing strata councils since 2000.

The buildings are approximately 35 years old and need ongoing maintenance and renewals to keep them in good condition. Our first role was to complete a visual assessment, prepare a renewal plan, and prioritize the repair requirements with the owners. The first repairs included removing decayed framing and replacing the siding on the south elevation of the wood framed townhouses, replacing some wood framed window walls with proper concrete curbs and PVC windows, and waterproofing sliding door areas where the membrane had failed. Over the years, we have updated the priority list with the strata’s involvement and completed further visual assessments. In 2011, the waterproofing membrane on the main roof of the concrete building was replaced with our involvement. Additional renewal work will be undertaken as budgets permit.

Project Services

  • Visual Assessments
  • Reporting, Meetings, Recommendations, and Budgeting
  • Design
  • Drawings and Specifications
  • Tendering
  • Field Reviews and Contract Administration

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"Over the last six years I've worked with over 90 housing co-ops... Touwslager Engineering was, by far, the most diligent, and most responsive..."


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