Maple Creek

Location Vancouver, B.C.
Owner Maple Creek Housing Cooperative
Project Management BC Housing
Completed 2008
Construction Cost $3.0 million

Project Description

Maple Creek is a housing complex that has two townhouse buildings and one four storey apartment building. There are a total of 40 dwelling units. The buildings had known water ingress problems and eventually a full rehabilitation was undertaken.

Touwslager Engineering’s Building Envelope Condition Assessment confirmed the buildings needed to be reclad. As with many clients, their aim was to upgrade the appearance and have minimal future maintenance. Options were discussed and a written design report prepared for the Housing Cooperative. Materials were compared. Lifespan and maintenance were considered. Digital renderings were prepared. Smaller design decisions were made by the board and larger decisions like cladding type were eventually voted on by the general membership.

One of the design issues was the guards. The wood guard wall framing was known to be decayed in many areas so reconstruction was required. An aluminum framed system was chosen for cost efficiency, with opaque glass selected to satisfy the privacy concerns of some coop members. The new system also allows for better air circulation on the balconies and inside. The photographic renderings were prepared to show a new colour option, siding instead of stucco, and an aluminum and glass guard system. A rendering for the final choice was not requested but we have provided a photograph (from a different angle) for comparison.

Our clients typically want to be the decision makers. Touwslager Engineering’s role is not to tell the client what to do but to provide the necessary information, guidance, and opinions to allow them to make educated choices within the realm of good practise. Our role is also to ensure these decisions do not compromise the building or result in a low quality building.

Project Services

  • Building Envelope Condition Assessment
  • Design
  • Drawings and Specifications
  • Tendering
  • Field Reviews and Contract Administration
  • Maintenance Manual and a Capital Cost Reserve Fund Study
  • Maintenance Reviews

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What People Are Saying

"Budget issues were tightly controlled – all in all a successful project."


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