Ogden Townhouse

Ogden Townhouse

Location Vancouver, B.C.
Owner Strata Plan VR1855
Completed 2005

Project Description

Ogden Townhouse is a three storey building with one unit on the ground floor and the other unit on the second and third floors. The sprinkler pipe in the upper roof framing froze and burst. When the restoration crew opened the wall to permit drying, they discovered decayed framing indicative of a building envelope failure.

Touwslager Engineering quickly prepared a building envelope condition assessment to determine if the problem was localized or inherent throughout. Unfortunately, water damage was found in many areas. The two owners decided to reclad the entire building, including new insulation to protect the sprinkler pipes. A large area of ponding water was also addressed on the roof.

This building presented many challenges. The framing included concrete, wood, and steel stud. The wood was decayed and the steel corroded in many areas. The wood was replaced but most of the steel could be treated in place except where the corrosion was more significant. Exterior insulation was installed on some walls and fire rated gypsum board was required on the wall facing the garage.

Curved walls, skylights, decks, canopies, overhangs, multi-level roofs, bay windows, and glass block all existed in this complex little building. The final appearance was stucco to match the original cladding but the colour was changed and details were improved with flashing and rainscreen details. The final result was a sharp looking building.

Project Services

  • Building Envelope Condition Assessment
  • Design
  • Drawings and Specifications
  • Tendering
  • Field Reviews and Contract Administration

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