Our Services

Touwslager Engineering Ltd. provides a full range of building envelope consulting services with the purpose of assisting building owners with their long-term needs. Our aim is to satisfy our clients by making recommendations with the medium-to-long term outlook of the building in mind. We provide written proposals for all services based on your specific needs.

The Process

Listed here is a series of activities related to projects we handle.

It is fairly common for a client to begin with a building envelope condition assessment and continue through each phase described until the building is remediated and maintenance activities take over. However, there are cases in which a customized approach is taken. Not all clients require our involvement in all phases. In most cases, we can begin at any stage of the process.

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What People Are Saying

"Throughout a year of design development and two years of construction... it was valuable to be dealing not just with a consulting engineer but with a very professional, respectful and collaborative team..."


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