Maintenance & Depreciation

All buildings require maintenance. Even if original construction or remediation was just completed, the owners still have an obligation to regularly review and maintain the building elements. This may be as simple as cleaning the gutters and eventually will include new paint and sealants.

Touwslager Engineering prepares maintenance manuals that include everything from a project description to a table indicating how to examine the different building materials. We also provide a dated log (table) which schedules the examinations and allows the consultant and/or owners to record the maintenance activities.

The owners are obliged to correct or replace any maintenance items regularly. However, in the first year or two (depending on how the contract is worded), the contractor’s warranty requires him to be responsible for everything they installed. Therefore, some items can be completed at no cost to the owner.

Touwslager Engineering Ltd. is available to complete the regular maintenance reviews. It is common and more cost effective for the owners to undertake some of the tasks themselves with Touwslager Engineering getting involved once a year.

It is now a requirement for most stratas to obtain a depreciation report for their complex.  Touwslager Engineering has always provided these reports for the building envelope and have now expanded this service to include the entire building. 

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